An Amazing Life Comes to an End

We are so sad to share with you that our old man Bear passed away this morning.  Renee found him when she went in to check him this morning. Up on his perch on the blankets with Nairobi next to him. He was still warm, with no sign of struggle and in true Bear style he must have just decided he’d done enough and it was time to move on.

Bear came to WCH in the winter of 2002. He was ten years old and had been de-fanged & de-clawed. We had always hoped we could find a companion for him but time and time again our efforts failed.  And we learned never to argue with Bear. As time passed and Bear grew older we were thrilled to find that one special companion that he  did love, Nairobi, the grumpy caracal. We never would have imagined that this would be the one wildcat that Bear would choose but he did, and he loved him completely. Each day they spent their time playing, napping, eating and just enjoying life.

As Bear slowly went blind, we saw an even stronger bond, with Nairobi becoming his eyes. Bear would coo when he couldn’t find him and Nairobi would inexplicably come to him offering support. When Bear got sick last October, we were sure he wouldn’t be able to overcome the obstacles that he faced but overcome them he did. His determination and will to live was nothing short of incredible and he joined Nairobi just a few weeks later. But sadly we knew that the time would come that we would have to say good-bye, sooner then later.

To know that they were together when Bear passed, gives us comfort but it’s still hard to process. I’m grateful for having known him and wished we could have had more time, but I loved that he lived his life large with no regrets, if bobcats ever do, and died peacefully with his friend by his side. To imagine life without Bear is almost incomprehensible, his determination, pride, stubbornness, tenacity and most of all his incredible character will be missed so much, but life ends no matter how much we wish differently. Our time spent with Bear will be remembered always and cherished. He touched so many hearts and I can’t think of a more wonderful legacy to leave behind.

Safe travels old man, we will see you on the other side .  .  .



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