Nora’s Story

Nora the White Tiger’s Rescue In my own words. Denise Flores  May 2012
Founder of Tiger Paw Exotic Rescue Center

“Nora a 10 yr. old white tiger came to us after her owner passed away in July 2011. She was used as photo baby, as a cub to generate money for her owners own personal needs. Living in unclean & inhumane conditions, she was also bred for cubs, which remains unknown where the cubs went one week prior to her owner’s death. My heart sunk as I went to see what I was in for the previous day before I picked her up. She looked like a walking skeleton, I cried as I watched her hover in the corner of the 10×10 cage shared with an overweight male tiger, as I watched the food being pitched into a hole in the chain-link cage, the male would not let her get even one piece of meat, she was petrified to even move or he would attack her. I wanted to take her away from all this right at that moment! Pens cover in feces, green water in water troughs, never dumped in months! Just a horrible existence for such a beautiful creature!

So after a horrible day of media and over 100 people in the mix of trying to load cats safely and get out of there, it was the worst day, but we bee lined out making sure no one followed us. The media and all the people could have been avoided, but the person in charge called the media himself, like he was the good guy, never thinking of the cats! He didn’t care; they were one problem out of the way.  Once here at Tiger Paws we prepared caging for Nora, along with her was another white tiger Nikita, new perimeter and the best care we could give them. Clean dens, which they never had in their life, good food, and toys, the best we could offer them.

Now with the State Legislation, this will disable us financially to adequately care for the cats here at the Rescue Center, with high fees, and micro chipping, insurance, & accreditation required, on top of food and vet bills, if we cannot comply,  the cats would be confiscated or euthanized! After all of our hard work to take care of them, I cannot let that happen! So after much research of ASA Accredited Facilities, I made several phone calls, and only two stepped up to help us, one of which was WildCat Haven.
(Nikita & Tasha a cougar, were placed at Wildcat Sanctuary, MN. in March 2012)

Nora has put on 100lbs. since her rescue in July; she was weighed in at 300lbs. as compared to her weight in July at 200lbs. She is a wonderful animal and deserves to retire at Wild Cat Haven. We have brought her this far, and now I have made the right decision to place her somewhere she can live her life as a tiger should, free at heart, and with dignity!”

Denise Flores – Founder Tiger Paws Exotic Rescue Center

Note* Nora’s previous owner was the infamous Sam Mazzola We are so grateful that Tiger Paws Exotic Rescue Center took both Nora & Nikita from a life of abuse & neglect. And we’re honored that Denise Flores trusts us enough to provide Nora & Katie with their final lifetime home. Please be a part of this ambitious transport from Ohio to Oregon. Donate and make a difference for these two tigers who’s lives started out rough but very soon will be enjoying spacious habitats with room to run & play!

A special thank you to Tim Harrison from Outreach for Animals with his ongoing help with vet care for all the tigers at Tiger Paw Rescue Center and helping prepare for Nora & Katie’s trip to Oregon!

Nora in Her Pool at Tiger Paws

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